Monday, March 2, 2009

Note to anyone saving can tabs...

Saving can tabs to create some items as seen on here. -
Note to anyone saving can tabs... Please be careful when removing the darn things.
Don't put your fingers on the edge of the can lid and attempt to turn them to release the tab blink.gif

First thing in the morning, didn't think at all, just opened the cat food, scooped it into 3 saucers, and wanted to get the tab.
Standing there dripping blood, cats yelling give me my food, haven't had my coffee (which is why my brain was dead), trying to reach a clean towel, tell the yelling cats to shut up, trip over a Siamese, get the towel, trip over a black and white cat, dump the food saucers on the floor so they'll be quiet, trip over the Siamese again, make my way to the bathroom for some bandaids, cover the cuts, go back into the kitchen because I sure hope the coffee's done brewing, trip over that Siamese again, pour some coffee (spilling some in the process, but there's no way I'm cleaning it up then), go sit down - on the Siamese because she's finished eating and sitting in my chair wanting to clean my fingers for me...

I have 2 nice slices on my fingers, and I didn't even get the darn tab.