Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rag Wreath instructions

1 12 inch foam heart, or wreath shape of your choice
Several yards of fabric
a crochet hook, or chopstick
I used 2 old french earring hooks, and a length of thread for the hanger because that's what was laying around

Cut many, many 3inch by 3inch squares or diamonds from your fabric with pinking shears. You can also use circles to give a slightly different appearance, but the squares and diamonds waste less fabric.
Start at the center front.
Fold a square around the tip of the hook or stick, with the tip in the center. Dip the tip in glue, press into the foam heart, remove hook.Try to keep the squares in a straight line. Starting in the front helps to keep the line straight. You can veer around a bit as you get to the sides to create the fullness you like.
This is the back. I left it empty so it will hang flat on the wall, but they can be covered all around if hanging in a window.This is one of the French hooks. I just tied some doubled thread between them and inserted the hooks into the foam for a hanger. You can also use bent wire to make a hook. The wreaths are quite light. I have made other wreaths for fall, Halloween, Christmas, I even gave one for a wedding present that was made from antique lace!

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Feisty_Granny said...

Sorry for the sometimes strange pictures - I was holding the camera with one hand and the craft with the other! LOL