Friday, March 21, 2008

Dyeing Easter eggs ala Martha Stewart (with my own changes).
My eggs are home-laid brown and green ones, so if you use store-bought white eggs you will get a slightly different look.
I used a dozen eggs, but one tie only wrapped 7. I put the rest in the pot to fill it up, and give the kids some to eat.
Dying Easter eggs ala Martha Stewart (with my own changes)
1 dozen eggs
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 silk tie with a design or colors you like
twist tie for each egg
water to cover
deep pot

Cut the tie long enough to wrap around each egg, and secure with a twist tie.
Put the 1/2 cup vinegar in the pot, add the wrapped eggs, and water to cover.
Simmer as usual, until they are as done as you like. For the size eggs we have, I usually simmer for 7 - 9 minutes.
Drain hot water. Rinse with cold water.
Remove the wrapped eggs to a plate to cool. DO NOT unwrap until they are cold! They will smear a little.
When the wrapped eggs are cool, remove the twist ties and cloth, and let dry.
The loose eggs, you can just rinse and use as usual. They will be all speckled because of the vinegar. (The upper right and upper left eggs were unwrapped ones.)
If you want the eggs speckled without using the tie, just put vinegar and coloring in when you cook them.

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Feisty_Granny said...

I wasn't concerned about food safe coloring, because it doesn't come through the shell, it stays on the outside.
If I had cracked eggs, where the color came onto the egg white... I'm not sure I would eat those.