Saturday, March 8, 2008

Toilet roll tube reindeer/moose

For each reindeer/moose you need:
1 toilet roll tube
pair of googly eyes
small pinecone for nose (the green nose is actually a small stud earring)
ponytail holders
Hair clip
black felt tip pen

Cut 2 large, and 2 small areas from the bottom of the paper roll to make legs. Color in tips with the pen, to make the hooves. The picture below shows the cut areas. Glue on eyes, and nose. Use felt tip pen if you want a mouth. Stretch pony tail holders to form harness.
Add hair clips for antlers.
Place in snowy landscape or let them scamper through the woods...
I tried to give you two different looks. You could also use pompoms for the nose, buttons for eyes, or pipe cleaners for the antlers. The kids didn't want ears, but you could glue some on, made from the scraps you cut out to make the legs.


Feisty_Granny said...

I need new batteries for the camera. Will add the pictures after I get some.

Feisty_Granny said...

Added pictures (finally remembered batteries) yeesh! LOL